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BC9099C - Garrett Intercooler for Polaris XP Turbo

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Same efficient design but with economical cast lid. Working closely with Garrett’s cooling engineers, with hours of CFD flow simulation, we were able to target the highest velocity areas in the plenum to maximize water distribution throughout the core. We also targeted to get the most uniform flow distribution as possible on the coolant side. Putting the tank on top not only delivers more coolant but more core surface area inside the plenum. The Garrett RZR intercooler is a direct replacement for Polaris #1240930:

  • Vertical flow core design with tank on top, not inside the plenum for maximum core surface area.
  • Tank on top increases coolant capacity for better cooling and less chance of heat soak.
  • OE cooler has great heat transfer performance, but is highly prone to failure. The Garrett intercooler maintains the OE level heat transfer performance but with a much stronger design for improved durability. Other aftermarket products do not maintain OE heat transfer performance levels.
  • Offset fin on both water and air sides of the core for rapid heat transfer, Tig welded to the cast lid.
  • Casted aluminum lid and includes ARP stainless steel fasteners that hold the cooler to the housing.
  • Features -10 AN ORB ports, includes fittings to install with factory hoses or aftermarket -10 AN lines.
  • Designed with accessible air bleed valve for easy coolant installation, 1/8 NPT port installed for coolant temp data logging.
  • Drop in installation, no modifications required, all necessary hardware included.
  • Includes seals between the cooler and the air plenum on all 3 sides of the cooler to prevent charge air from bypassing around the core. Other aftermarket options do not offer gaskets.
  • Fits all turbo RZR's from 2016 to current, including Turbo-S, ProXP and Turbo R.
  • 1 year Garrett manufacturer backed warranty. 


$ 799.00