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If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a refund within 60 days of your purchase, provided it has not been customized, is unused and is still in its original packaging. For products purchased from an authorized dealer, their return policy applies — please contact them directly for more information.

Refunds will be returned to the original form of payment or issue store credit for returned products. BC does not accept returns on customized products. A 15% restocking fee will be applied to all returns.

You may exchange a BC purchase for another BC item of equal or greater value (in which you are responsible for the difference in cost) within 60 days after the original date of purchase. Exchanges for customized product or items not purchased directly from Brian Crower, Inc will not be accepted.

All merchandise must be unused and undamaged and returned in its original packaging for refunds and exchanges.

For all returns and exchanges, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. You may use a shipper of your choice to return your items. We recommend retaining the tracking number of your return for your records.

All original and return shipping costs are non-refundable. Product is no longer eligible for a refund or exchange 60 days after the original purchase date.


Due to the nature of performance applications and lack of control during installation and operation, all products sold by Brian Crower Inc. are sold without any expressed warranty or any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Brian Crower Inc. shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages or loss of other property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, cost of purchased or replacement goods, or claims of customers of the purchaser which may arise and/or result from the sale, installation or use of these parts. Brian Crower Inc. reserves the right to make product improvements or changes without notice and without incurring liability with respect to similar products previously manufactured.

Brian Crower Inc. warranties are void when said Brian Crower product in question has been physically altered, improperly installed or used or otherwise damaged due to no fault of Brian Crower Inc. or has not been used for the said purpose it was intended or for which it was designed. Brian Crower Inc. does not warrant the performance of the products due to Brian Crower Inc. lack of control during product installation and usage.

These products are designed primarily for off highway use. Check State and Federal laws and emissions regulations.


International orders are accepted in the Brian Crower, Inc online store provided payment is made via a verified PayPal account (in US dollars) and shipping is free as long as the order is sent to a United States postal address.

If you do not wish to ship within the United States, please send an email to with your parts order and a shipping address and we will calculate freight and email you back with a total amount due (in US dollars) and payment must be made via a verified PayPal account or bank wire. No international credit cards are accepted on new accounts.


Brian Crower, Inc does not recommend using synthetic oil during camshaft break-in. If you must run synthetics during operation, even though we recommend that you do not, make sure the synthetic contains a high zinc content (ZDDP count of 1400 or more). Follow OEM cam cap torque sequence and specifications. Use a liberal amount of aftermarket engine assembly lube, again with the recommended amount of zinc content, during installation and assembly. Check cam follower or bucket surfaces for any abnormal wear and/or scuffing. On initial start-up and break-in run engine at 1500-2500 rpm for 20 minutes.


Brian Crower, Inc does not recommend using any synthetic motor oil lacking zinc (ZDDP). This is especially critical with flat tappet, bucket or scrubber type finger follower camshafts (2JZ, EJ Series, B Series, SR20, etc…). Roller followers are not as critical but it is still recommended to utilize the added zinc content to prevent any premature wear.

To protect a new flat tappet, bucket or scrubber type finger follower camshaft during camshaft break-in:

    1. Use a dedicated break-in oil that’s specifically designed for flat-tappet camshaft break-in.
    2. Use mineral-based engine oil (preferably a nondetergent oil in the 30W or 10W30 range), plus a 16- to 20-oz. bottle of specialty ZDDP additive.

      To provide long-term protection for a flat tappet, bucket or scrubber type finger follower:
      1. Use a specialty engine oil that contains high levels of ZDDP (around 1000 to 1200 ppm). Brands like JGR Driven, Shell Rotella and Chevron Delo and Brad Penn are excellent brands to source.
      2. Use the engine oil of your choice, plus a bottle of ZDDP additive with every oil change.

      Note: Engine oils specifically designed for use in diesel applications will usually feature more zinc than passenger car gas engine oils. However, diesel engines are coming under greater scrutiny as well, in an effort to further reduce nationwide emissions. So, while a dedicated diesel oil may be better than a passenger car gas engine oil in terms of zinc content, you can’t automatically assume that any diesel oil contains enough ZDDP to protect a new flat-tappet cam.



Unfortunately there is no universal or magic cam gear setting that works for all applications. Tuning via adjustable cam gears comes down to driver preference with regards to idle quality, desired operating rpm range, piston to valve and valve to valve limitations as well as other considerations like power adders and stand-alone ECU capabilities. For general discussions, widening the lobe center (LC) will yield more top end performance and smooth idle characteristics. Tightening the LC will typically result in a rougher idle and deliver more bottom end torque. Gear adjustments on 2JZ, SR20, EJ Series, B Series and 4G63/Evo are as follows:

Widen Lobe Center: Retard Intake / Advance Exhaust
Tighten Lobe Center: Advance Intake / Retard Exhaust

Note: It is highly recommend going a maximum of 2 marks in any direction at a time on one side (intake or exhaust) for adjustment. Any more or adjusting both intake and exhaust at the same time, may result is extensive engine damage.

Cam bolt (not cam cap) torque specs for each application are as follows:

Honda B Series – 22ft lbs (less than OEM spec)
Nissan SR20 – 101 to 116 ft lbs
Mitsubishi 4G63/Evo – 58 to 72 ft lbs
Toyota 2JZ – 57 to 62 ft lbs
Subaru EJ – 70 to 75 ft lbs


For proper rod bolt installation on Brian Crower connecting rods, please follow these important steps. Rod bolt threads and underside of bolt head should be lubricated thoroughly with supplied BC/ARP lube. Cap should be seated on rod by aligning cap by hand and tapping in place using a rubber mallet. Alternate tightening of bolt to avoid cocking the cap. Torque the fastener to achieve bolt stretch using the torque range below. Use a quality rod bolt stretch gauge, as improper bolt stretch will cause premature failure. If using a torque wrench sequence, torque initially to 10 ft lbs, then use one consistent pull to achieve the proper torque specification listed below:

5/16” ARP2000 Bolt Stretch = .0050” to .0055” / Torque Spec – 25-28 ft lbs
3/8” ARP2000 Bolt Stretch = .0055” to .0060” / Torque Spec – 45-50 ft lbs
3/8” ARP625+ Bolt Stretch = .0063” to .0067” / Torque Spec – 50-55 ft lbs
7/16” ARP2000 Bolt Stretch = .0055” to .0060” / Torque Spec – 65-70 ft lbs

Torque used during manufacturing: 26 ft lbs – 5/16”, 45 ft lbs – 3/8” and 70 ft lbs – 7/16”

To accurately determine the life of a fastener, it is recommended to log the fastener’s original untorqued free length and compare to free length after teardowns. If the free length increases by more than .001”, or there is any deformation or galling, the bolts must be replaced or failure could result. Fasteners are susceptible to corrosion so caution must be used when handling with bare hands or left out in the open to prevent exposure.


If not a warranty issue, replacement parts (valves, springs, retainers) are available for individual purchase in the online store

If needing a replacement connecting rod, please contact BC with the gram weight of the existing rods so a replacement rod can be weight matched and we can advise on availability. If a replacement camshaft is necessary, please contact BC with the correct cam part number and whether it’s the intake or exhaust side (driver or passenger side also required if Subaru). We offer special pricing for replacement parts, so please contact Brian Crower directly for better service on one off’s. If a warranty issue, please refer to the Warranty section in this FAQ for details.


The dowel pin does not drive the cam gear, it is merely a locator for proper camshaft installation. If the dowel pin breaks on a camshaft, it is typically the result of a loose cam gear, a timing belt issue or some other cause not related to the dowel pin. BC offers replacement dowel pins but under no circumstances is a broken dowel pin a camshaft warranty issue.


All sponsorship requests must be submitted via email to – no sponsorship requests are handled via DM’s on social media.

In order to provide a proper response to any sponsorship request, it is imperative that you list the BC part numbers that you are interested in. A few low res pics of the car may also be beneficial to your cause. If merely asking for money, your email will be deleted. If looking for sponsorship for any non BC product, your email will be deleted. To gauge the worthiness of your sponsorship request, please list your accomplishments in the car racing community. Do not include long winded definitions of the different genres of racing …we know what drifting, drag racing, time attack and rally cross are, so please cut to the chase and get to the point of why BC should provide you with any resources. A high following on social media is a plus, so include your FB, IG or Snap user name. Most importantly, please explain what you will do for BC in order to be considered for any type of sponsorship…remember, you contacted us, we did not contact you so the emphasis is on you to upsell yourself.


To qualify for W/D pricing requires a $10,000 minimum initial buy-in (at W/D prices) of available product.

For all new dealer/distributor inquiries, please complete the Dealer/Jobber application and submit via email attachment to

If $10,000 minimum purchase is not attainable, Jobber/Shop pricing is available with a valid business license or completed BC Dealer Application form (attached).

In order to maintain dealer status, please adhere to MAP pricing policies.


Based off BC0211 - Cam Timing Tag

  1. Add the total duration of intake and exhaust (ex: 218 + 218 = 436)
  2. Divide this number by 4 (ex: 436 ÷ 4 = 109)
  3. Add the intake opening and exhaust closing numbers (12 + 9 = 21)
  4. Divide this number by 2 (ex: 21 ÷ 2 = 10.5)
  5. Add this number from the number on line 2 (ex: 10.5 + 109 = 119.5 LC)



If replacing your valves, especially if going with larger than stock head diameter, please verify the installed height if you are having issues with setting recommended valve lash or are seeing abnormal wear on rocker pads or buckets. If the valve is seated too short it would cause the lash to be tighter or, on rockers, to wear to the outside of the contact surface. If seated too deep, lash would be looser or, again on rockers, the wear would be on the inside of the contact surface. This will also impact rocker ratio figures in finger follower type applications. A handy way to check geometry is to put dykem on the wear pads or bucket and spin the cam over by hand and the wear pattern should be in the center. The wear pattern should never leave the contact surface or it will cause rocker/bucket and/or camshaft failure.

To measure valve installed height, use a pair of calipers or 6 inch scale and measure from the bottom of the spring seat to the top of the keeper groove. You can seat the retainer and keepers on the valve (no spring) to get an accurate reading. It is critical that you maintain OEM/stock installed height or severe damage could occur. All valve spring specs are based off of the factory installed height, including whether the valve spring can accommodate maximum camshaft lift.


The formula for CID (cubic inch displacement) or Total Liters is:

BORE x BORE x STROKE x .7854 x No of Cyl (4, 6 or 8).

All stroker pistons are custom. You determine the bore size when ordering the kit.