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BC6355 - Toyota 4AGE - ProH2K Connecting Rods w/ARP2000 Fasteners

Toyota 4AGE - ProH2K w/ARP2000 Fasteners. Made from aerospace grade, 4340 chromoly steel, BC high performance connecting rods deliver the reliability required to turn up the boost, the nitrous and/or the RPM range. Every rod is CNC machined, micropolished surface finish treatment, equipped with Aluminum/Silicone/Bronze pin bushings and finish honed to exacting tolerances.

C-to-C 4.803"
BE Bore 1.772"
BE Width 0.859"
PE Bore 0.787"
PE Width 0.859"
Gram Wt 415
Torque Specs 50-55 ft lbs - 3/8"


$ 596.15