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HPT002 - HPTuners RTD w/OBDII Adapter Cable and 4 Credits Loaded

These BC branded RTD units can be used to deliver a tune to any vehicle supported by HP Tuners. Fully compatible with VCM Scanner and Pro Feature Set. Includes the RTD module, OBDII adapter cable and loaded with 4 credits for plug and play tuning on your Polaris Pro R 4 cylinder.

Built from the same mold as the MPVI3, the RTD Gen 3 revolutionizes remote tuning capabilities.

The new RTD is designed for remote tune delivery for professionals. This interface lets your customers send vehicle read files and share data logs directly with their tuner and receive professional calibration files to flash to their vehicle via the TDN app. The RTD offers full iOS and Android support with the TDN app.

Recommend contacting Pandemyk Performance for Polaris tuning


$ 500.00