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BME9080 - Can-Am X3 (17-up) BME Shelf Pistons w/All Hardware - 74mm x 10:1 w/18mm Pin

The new BME pistons for the stock stroke (69.7mm) Can-Am X3 are made exclusively for BC and include the following features:

• Made from 2816-T61 aluminum forgings.
• Full round design, notched for squirters.
• Pocketed skirts for added support/rigidity.
• Valve reliefs and notched for piston squirters. 
• 8620 material pins in .150” wall & .190” wall. 

• Total Seal rings, 1.2mm top ring, big radial wall.
• Use with BC6931, BC6932 or BC6933 rods.

While BME's flagship piston products are NHRA Top Fuel, NASCAR and IMSA pistons, Bill Miller Engineering's cutting-edge technology and premium quality wins races in another motorsport which is a grueling test of pistons: the emerging SxS/UTV market, where horsepower per liter is approaching 300bhp per liter!

Ever since legendary, dragster and funny car crew chief, the late Dale Armstrong, switched to BME in the 1980s, blown-fuel racers have used BME Pistons in their engines. Since then, in the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes of National Hot Rod Association and International Hot Rod Association competition, where engines making 1000-horsepower per cylinder are the norm; BME products are a benchmark by which racing pistons are judged.

There is only one piston manufacturer in the World which races its products in its own Top Fuel Dragster and that's Bill Miller Engineering. Bill Miller's "BME Top Fuel Dragster", driven by Troy Buff, is a key development tool Bill Miller Engineering uses to validate its piston designs along with that of all its other products.


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