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BC9913 - NEW Polaris ProXP / Turbo R CNC Cylinder Head - Big Port 38.8mm/33mm Valves

Use pulldowns above to build out your head.

The BC core exchange program works three ways:

1) Buy one of BC's new heads outright, no exchange.

2) Send a new head in for even exchange for one of BC's new "in-stock" heads.

3) Send a used head in, receive that same head back.

BC only accepts new, never-been ran Polaris ProXP / Turbo R (#3023564) cylinder heads as new core exchanges. BC uses only new ProXP / Turbo R heads with the full flow coolant bleed for all new even exchanges. All heads come with BC bronze valve guides installed as well as +1mm Stainless Steel intake/+3.8mm Inconel exhaust valves and valve seals designed for BC's custom, threaded valve guides that will not allow the seal to "pop-off". Any valve springs, retainers, buckets, keepers, lash adjusters, cams or ARP head studs or cam cap bolt kits are sold separately in the pulldown menus.

If sending a new head, allow 1 week for inspection before new CNC head ships. If sending a used head, allow 4-8 weeks for that head to be ported. No exchanges on used heads. Send heads for servicing here:

BrianCrower, Inc, 161 So Marshall Ave, El Cajon CA 92020


$ 1,384.00