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BC9340 - Can-Am X3 Solid Bucket Conversion Kit w/Solid Cams

BC solid lifter kit and BC solid lifter camshaft kit. Get the best of both and save some money with this cam, lifter and spring kit combo. Includes custom ground BC solid lifter cams designed to your specific application. Since BC grinds the world's fastest X3 solid lifter camshafts, makes sense that we deliver the world's lightest solid bucket conversion kit. Features stock O.D. cam buckets from Arrow Precision, the best, most reliable bucket available on the market...not some repurposed OEM stock part. Also includes a beehive spring wound by PAC Racing exclusively for BC. This is the same spring that we use in our proven hydraulic kits that has seen in excess of 10,000 rpm. The lightweight titanium retainer features a large shim capture design to keep those 7.48mm lash adjusters from getting loose and ruining your engine. Also includes BC spring seat and valve seal combo. Use in conjunction with BC custom ground solid lifter camshafts and you'll be setting records and lowering ET's in no time!

Type BC1930 Single
Free Length 1.337"
Seat 1.130" @ 70 lbs
Open 0.730" @ 205 lbs
Coil Bind 0.660"
Retainer BC2906
Spring Seat BC2913
Net Cam Lift 0.430" / 10.92mm



$ 1,249.00