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BC9330CP - Can-Am X3 Short Block Package (BC6934 MOAR Rods & CP 74mm Pistons, 20mm Pin) 10.5:1

Can-Am X3 - BC MOAR connecting rods w/ARP CustomAge 625+ fasteners (BC6934) that are +2mm longer C-to-C for added RPM potential and less piston side loading and CP pistons (BC7933) in 74mm x 10.5:1 compression in 20mm wrist pin. This is a perfect choice for anything 300whp and up to 700whp. Includes .240" wall, 9310 wrist pins, lateral gas ports, valve reliefs and full ring pack.

Rod Part No BC6934
Piston Part No BC7933CP


$ 1,456.00