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BC9330 - Can-Am X3 Short Block Package (BC6934 MOAR Rods & BME 74mm x 9:1 Pistons, 20mm Pin)

Can-Am X3 - BC MOAR connecting rods w/ARP CustomAge 625+ fasteners (BC6934) that are +2mm longer C-to-C for added RPM potential and less piston side loading and BME pistons (BC7933) in 74mm x 9.0:1 compression (w/.028” thick head gasket - BC8294) in 20mm wrist pin. This is a perfect choice for anything 300+whp and up to 700whp. Includes 8620 wrist pins, lateral gas ports, valve reliefs and full Total Seal ring pack.

Rod Part No BC6934
Piston Part No BC7933


$ 800.00