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BC7936 - Can-Am X3 (17-up) BME Shelf Pistons w/All Hardware - 76mm x 9.0:1 w/20mm Pin

The new BME pistons for the stock stroke (69.7mm) Can-Am X3 using BC's +2mm longer MOAR rod and are made exclusively for BC designed to following specs with .028" thick head gasket:

Bore 76mm
Compression 9.0:1
Pin Dia 20mm
Stroke 69.7mm (stock)
Rod C-to-C 4.686" (BC6934)

• Made from 2816-T61 aluminum forgings.
• Full round design, notched for squirters.
• Pocketed skirts for added support/rigidity.
• Valve reliefs and notched for piston squirters.
• 20mm (.787") 8620 material pins in .180” wall thickness. 
• Total Seal rings, 1.2mm top ring, big radial wall.
• Use with BC6934 +2mm long C-to-C connecting rods with 20mm pin.    

While BME's flagship piston products are NHRA Top Fuel, NASCAR and IMSA pistons, Bill Miller Engineering's cutting-edge technology and premium quality wins races in another motorsport which is a grueling test of pistons: the emerging SxS/UTV market, where horsepower per liter is approaching 300bhp per liter!


$ 700.00