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BC6953 - Yamaha YXZ/998 (16-up) MOAR Connecting Rods w/ARP625+ Fasteners

The "MOAR" (Mother Of All Rods) Series connecting rod from Brian Crower is what a connecting rod would look like when taking input from the top engine builders and tuners in the industry. The MOAR Series is 15 grams heavier than the industry proven ProHD Series design. The I-Beam design allows added beam to cylinder wall clearance for stroker applications. Radiused edges for added rigidity, ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners for premium clamping ability, added material near the pin end to insure true pin end roundness. Features 19mm wrist pin housing bore like OEM.

C-to-C 4.665"
BE Bore 1.6142"
BE Width 0.887"
PE Bore 0.748"/19mm
PE Width 0.800"
Gram Wt 442
Torque Specs 33-35 ft lbs - 5/16"


$ 920.00