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BC6933T - Can-Am X3 (17-up) Titanium Connecting Rods w/ARP625+ Fasteners

BC Can-Am X3 titanium rod and aftermarket piston combo reduces the overall bobweight to stock, so no need to rebalance your stock crankshaft. 46-50mm turbos demand heavier rods, pistons and pins to handle today’s power levels, and if you’re building your engine correctly, this requires the rebalancing of your stock crankshaft. Due to the heavier bobweight and the stock counterweight design, it also requires using expensive heavy metal (tungsten). BC titanium connecting rods allow straight remove and replace with aftermarket CP or BME pistons (74 or 75mm bore) and 9310 alloy, 18mm pins (.200” wall) without the time and hassle of rebalancing. Much beefier beam design compared to the proven 403g BC MOAR steel rod and still 100g lighter. Whether it’s duner, short course, mud or desert racing, the BC titanium rod delivers a lighter rotating mass for quicker throttle response and ARP625+ fasteners for high rpm capability. It’s the easiest way to build your 3 cylinder engine the right way by system matching the rod/piston bobweight to the proper crankshaft balance factor.

C-to-C 4.606"
BE Bore 1.536"
BE Width 0.866"
PE Bore 0.708"
PE Width 0.670"
Gram Wt 303
Torque Specs 33-35 ft lbs - 5/16"


$ 1,800.00