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BC6901T Polaris XP1000 Titanium Connecting Rods w/ARP625+ Fasteners

BC Pro I-Beam Titanium rods are designed for short course or any type of racing where getting the rpm’s down quickly on corner entry and that snappy throttle response on corner exit are paramount to faster lap times. Made from aerospace grade, 6AL4V titanium, these rods deliver the strength characteristics of our standard weight ProH2K steel design deliver but at 33% of the overall weight. Titanium alloy is effective for for higher power output compared to steel because the titanium connecting rod enables to reduce the weight of both of reciprocating and rotating parts in an entire engine substantially. Every rod is CNC machined, micropolished surface finish treatment, equipped with AMPCO-45 pin bushings and finish honed to exacting tolerances.

C-to-C 4.921"
BE Bore 1.7323"
BE Width 0.955"
PE Bore 0.787"
PE Width 0.800"
Gram Wt 398
Torque Specs 65 ft lbs - 3/8"


$ 1,200.00