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BC6043 - Honda K24 - MOAR Destroker I-Beam w/ARP2000 Fasteners

Specifically designed for the BC 92mm stroke K24 destroker, featuring maximum C-to-C possible on custom pistons. The "MOAR" (Mother Of All Rods) Series connecting rod from Brian Crower is what a connecting rod would look like when taking input from the top engine builders and tuners in the industry. The MOAR Series is intended for 800+whp equipped with ARP2000 fasteners. Radiused edges for added rigidity, added material near the pin end to insure true pin end roundness. ARP2000 fasteners come standard, ARP625+ fasteners available as an upgrade (BC6043-UPG).

C-to-C 6.050"
BE Bore 1.890"
BE Width 0.935"
PE Bore 0.866"
PE Width 0.935"
Gram Wt 698
Torque Specs 50-55 ft lbs - 3/8"


$ 947.92