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BC4912N - New Can-Am Crankcase w/Darton MID Sleeves w/ARP 7/16” head studs (no core exchange required)

NEW CRANKCASE FROM BC (#420893001) - No core exchange needed, get a brand new case from BC that has all the goods ready to go. Must supply cylinder bore size. The Can-Am/Rotax 900 ACE engine platform is now in play for the Darton MID sleeving process. Choose from 74, 75 or 76mm bore sizes, includes copper O-Rings to contain combustion and drilled and tapped for ARP 7/16 coarse thread head studs for ultimate clamping. Upper case half is also linebored to lower girdle half to true up case castings for optimum oiling. Best of all, we do our best to keep these sleeved cases on the shelf for immediate delivery. Darton pioneered modular sleeve designs and specialty ductile iron material beginning with top fuel sleeves for Keith Black Racing Engines and Milodon Engineering in 1978. This experience, our racing heritage, and our highly experienced staff of machinists and racing engine builders offered a unique set of blended talent to solve inherent block weakness design in the currently available engines where bore sizes were intended to be increased. Features include:

  • Finish hone to piston bore size.
  • Copper O-Rings to contain combustion.
  • Drill/tap for BC coarse thread head studs.
  • ARP 7/16" > 7/16” 8740 head studs.
  • Optional ARP 7/16" > 10mm 625+ head studs.
  • Recommend Cometic MLS head gasket for O-Rings.


$ 4,000.00