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BC4912N - New Can-Am Crankcase w/Darton Dry Sleeves, O-Ring, Specify Bore

NEW BC SUPPLIED CRANKCASE - The Can-Am/Rotax 900 ACE with Darton dry sleeve install. Choose from 74 or 75mm bore sizes, includes copper O-Rings to contain combustion and ARP2000 main studs. Upper case half is also linebored to lower girdle half to true up case castings for optimum oiling. Features include:

  • Darton sleeve install with step deck.
  • CNC finish hone to desired bore size.
  • Copper O-Ring case to contain combustion.
  • ARP2000 9mm main studs installed and torqued.
  • Case is linebored after stud torque and shuffle pinned.
  • Recommend Cometic MLS head gasket for O-Rings.
  • Recommend King rod and main bearings.


    $ 4,000.00