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BC4900 - Polaris XP1000/XPTurbo Main Bearings (oversize)

New King main bearings for the Polaris RZR platform are now available. The BC 4340 billet XP crankshafts are an improvement to the rod bearing failures but they aren’t the cure for the oiling issues. These exclusive mains from King Bearing however do provide the proper oiling from the mains to the rods with some qualified machining. King XP line bearings are a hardened coated race bearing vs the OE soft Babbitt bearing. To thoroughly “bulletproof” the case, we designed an oversize O.D. (1.750”) main bearing in 3 grades (Standard, +.0003” and -.0003”) that are designed to accommodate an over bored case. Lineboring assures that the case halve main journals are true, round and aligned. BC also offers shuffle pinning feature using a dowel system that keeps the case halves properly aligned during the torque sequence, allowing the use of the ARP main studs. Great for turbo, endurance or anyone who’s experienced the agony of a burned up Mag side #2 rod.

Send your case in to BC for lineboring and shuffle pinning (BC4910). Blueprinting also available for an added charge. Cases must be sent in hot tank clean, with all silicone removed or there will be a $200 cleaning charge. 


$ 350.00