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BC9991 - Polaris Cam Timing & Cylinder Holding Tool

This new 2 for 1 tool from BC functions as a camshaft timing plate for both the Polaris RZR XP Series (XPT, XP1000, XP900) and the Pro R cylinder heads as well as a cylinder hold down tool for the Polaris RZR XP's during engine assembly. The steel inserts are designed to hold the camshafts snuggly in place at TDC, unlike the aluminum sheet versions out there that flex or bend causing the camshafts to seize in the head. The rigidity also makes it much easier to set valve lash and install the camshaft timing chain.

The tool also doubles to hold the cylinder and pistons in place during engine rotation for short block assembly on all XP Series RZR's and features a receiver groove on the bottom in case the cylinder jug has been O-ringed. Includes two polyethylene bushings to use with two stock head bolts. We know this tool is more on the pricey side than what's currently available, which is a thin piece of aluminum sheet that cannot hold bigger lift and duration camshafts that BC offers. Cam install and timing is extremly critical and this tool gets the job done correctly and efficiently rather than the cheap alternatives. 


$ 120.00