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TPR093 - Polaris XP1000/XPTurbo Used CNC Cylinder Head w/Used Core Exchange

TPR/BC CNC ported cylinder head w/complete BC valve train, ARP cam cap/cam gear bolt kit, used head (#3023319) with used cylinder core exchange (upon inspection). Price based on customer supplying used head for exchange. This fully assembled head includes the following:

BC8880-DLC cam followers, BC0900 (beehive) or BC0900D (dual) spring/retainer kit (choice titanium or tool steel retainers), BC3802 +1mm stainless steel intake valves, BC3807 +3.8mm Inconel exhaust valves, BC keepers, BC bronze guides, BC beryllium exhaust seats, BC3990 valve stem seals, BC3890 valve lash shim kit (50pcs), ARP cam cap/cam gear bolt kit (BC9009), TPR CNC port and chamber design, 5 angle valve job, cylinder head surfacing, hot tank cleaning, install oversize exhaust seats, install bronze int/exh guides, hone valve guides.

Options include: BC or stock camshafts installed and fully lashed. Specify when ordering.


$ 2,600.00